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The Westwood

An eleven unit, urban, age-in-place, sustainable project along Oakway Road.

Location — Eugene, OR

Year Completed — 2016

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Many of the design features focus on the needs and desires of Baby Boomers and their changing lifestyles as they age. At the core of these was the ability for the occupants to live a mobile lifestyle and have maximum security for their homes while present or traveling. This security was achieved by creating a sense of community through attached zero lot line homes designed with modern front porches and windows facing the common court area. The perimeter of the project is a sculpted concrete block wall to help with both security, sound and project identity.

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Aging in Place

This piece of the program was as significant as any when developing the design. Our plans put mobility and accessibility as a central part of the project. All doorways are 3' wide, roll-in showers allow for barrier free bathing, motion sensing lighting in key areas add to hands free accessibility, and large open space with ADA thresholds provide for great interior/exterior connections. These simple measures allow the occupants to stay in their homes much longer than conventional housing a their physical abilities diminish with age.

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