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Greenway Townhouses

The goal of Greenway Townhouses was to take a long-vacant, previously-developed property and provide multi-family housing in a sustainable, economical manner. Each of the eleven units has achieved LEED Gold status as well as an Earth Advantage Platinum rating.

Location — Eugene, OR

Year Completed — 2013

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After our success with The Sage (LEED Platinum), we (Dan and Bill) wanted to create a multi-family housing option that utilized our site in the best manner and be a long-term investment since we were also going to remain the owners. We balanced environment, economy and equity in this project, creating housing that uses sustainable materials, maintains low maintenance and utility bills, and has affordable rents.

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Sustainable Site Features:

  • built on a previously-developed infill site
  • bus transit stop in front of site and bike path connection through the site
  • drought resistant landscaping
  • all stormwater retained on-site with rain garden

Sustainable Water & Energy:

  • low-flow faucets and dual flush toilets
  • no permanent irrigation system
  • high-efficiency foam and blown in batt insulation
  • diligent air sealing for controlled ventilation
  • high efficiency thru-wall heat pumps
  • Energy Star appliances
  • LED and CFL lighting (260 watts lighting total per unit)
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Sustainable Materials & Indoor Air Quality:

  • zero VOC paint
  • no combustion appliances
  • low cfm continuous fan for controlled ventilation
  • minimized waste generation and diversion
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