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Gib's Digs was our gift to our friend and beneficiary, Gilbert Hayes and his dog Sade. In a tiny house openness is key to the success of a functional plan. The design concept was to orient the living space to the south, utilizing corner windows for natural light and overhangs for sun control.

Location — Eugene

Year Completed — 2018

Argor South Tiny House HR13 Argor South Tiny House HR12
Argor South Tiny House HR14

The bed alcove and closet is nested off of the living area on the north side of the home. Additionally the bathroom and closet create a nice buffer to the north for thermal zoning.

Argor South Tiny House HR21 Argor South Tiny House HR16

The interior of the home is bright cheery and open with a neutral palette and pops of color for interest.

Dan Hill